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Novkabel Steel Wire Ropes Factory Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of steel wire ropes and products of wire ropes (slings) in Serbia. Led by tradition longer than 90 years and the quality of its products, our company has set itself a goal to maintain the leading position in the region and to increase its participation on the foreign market.

With a yearly capacity of 10,000 tons of wire ropes made of bright and galvanized wire and with a work of highly skilled workers, technicians and engineers, using modern equipment and applying modern technology, we are ready to meet all requirements of our clients. Our products are used in the leading branches of industry, such as oil industry, civil engineering, mining, automobile industry.

The aim of our company is a permanent improvement of technology, development, of new wire rope construction and manufacturing products with a longer service life.


Internation Trade Fair Wire Düsseldorf - from 26th. to 30th. march 2012. Düsseldorf Germany

Visit to the Fair: Steel Wire Ropes Factory Novkabel Ltd.

Production of flat rope

Special balance rope for shafts.

We activated modern web site in the field of metal industry

We launched the modern web site that will provide information regarding the development and manufacture of steel wire ropes.

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